Sunday, January 2, 2011

JAVA : Version Checker

JAVA Version Checker

What Version of Java is Running on your System?

To Know answer that Java Code Spot has wrote a simple Java Version checker Application that tells what version of Java is currently running on your system. Your system has the information about the version of Java installed and you can get that inforamtion for Java Runtime Enviornment of your system. Version checker Applet also displays some other information like Vendor of Java, Operating system, OS Version and OS Architecture.

!!!!!!!!!!....Applet may take some time to load....!!!!!!!!!!

If You have Java installed and enabled in your browser you will see a pink color rectangle above with information displaying. If you don't see a pink rectangle it means Java may not be installed.

In this application we are getting information about Java and Operation System by a simple code
System.getProperty(String Key);

This method is used to get System properties according to parameter given in String.

Java Code to get System Information:


You can also get some other information using this method

S/No.   Key                                               Description
1        java.version                                   The version of Java Runtime Environment.
2        java.vendor                                   The name of Java Runtime Environment vendor
3        java.vendor.url                              The URL of Java vendor
4        java.home                                      The directory of Java installation                                      The name of account name user
6        user.home                                      The home directory of user
7        user.dir                                          The current working directory of the user
8        java.vm.version                             JVM implementation version
9        java.vm.vendor                              JVM implementation vendor
10                                JVM  implementation name
11      java.specification.version               The name of specification version Java Runtime Environment
12      java.specification.vendor                JRE specification vendor
13      java.class.version                           Java class format version number
14      java.class.path                               Path of java class
15      java.library.path                             List of paths to search when loading libraries
16                                The path of temp file
17      java.compiler                                 The Name of JIT compiler to use
18                                       The name of OS name
19      os.arch                                         The OS architecture
20      os.version                                    The version of OS

Download Files Here:

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