Friday, September 24, 2010

JAVA : Music Player

JAVA Music Player

Java Code Spot has come up with a small Music Player Java application that plays wave sound clips. Playing sounds clips in java can be done using the "javax.sound" pakages.

Java Sound supports the following audio file formats: AIFF, AU and WAV.

!!!!!!!!!!....Applet may take some time to load....!!!!!!!!!!

1)play button will paly the selected sound clip once.
2)Loop Button will play the selected sound clip continuesly.
3)Stop Button will stop the playing sound.
Note: It takes some time to load sound clip before playing according to your internet speed.

JAVA AudioInputStream:
For playing a sound file in Java application we need to create a object of AudioInputStream. AudioInputStream is input stream for audio files like DataInputStream are for data files. An audio input stream is an input stream with a specified audio format and length.

public void selectFile(){

   try {

      URL u = new URL(getCodeBase()+""+playlist.getSelectedItem());
           AudioInputStream  ai = AudioSystem.getAudioInputStream(u);

      } catch (Exception e) {

JAVA Clip Interface:
As AudioInputStream is just an input stream, we cannot directly play them. For playing these java AudioInputStream, Java has a interface Clip in Javax.sound.sampled package.
The Clip interface represents a special kind of data line whose audio data can be loaded prior to playback, instead of being streamed in real time.

             Clip c =  AudioSystem.getClip();
The Clip interface has some functions which can be use to paly audio files.

open() : Java's Clip interface has a open function that takes AudioInputStream as parameter and opens the clip with the format and audio data present in the provided audio input stream. Opening a clip means that it should acquire any required system resources and become operational.

start() : Java's Clip interface has a start function that starts playing the AudioInputStream which is currently open.

loop() : Java's Clip interface has a loop function that continously plays the AudioInputStream which is currently open.

stop() : Java's Clip interface has a stop function that stops the playing AudioInputStream.

close() : Java's Clip interface has a close function that Closes the line and releasese any system resources in use by the line.

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