Sunday, August 22, 2010

JAVA : Typing Test

Typing Test 
Manoj Tiwari

How fast can you type? Find out with Typing Test JAVA application.
Select a time and text to type. After completing the test, you will see your typing speed, accuracy and net speed.

!!!!!!!!!!....Applet may take some time to load....!!!!!!!!!
Typing Test  is a Java program that tests your typing speed. You get a number of tests to choose from. Typing Test program counts the number of total words and worng words and on basis of that gives result.


1. Choose a Test from List. 
2. Choose the time for test.
3. Click "Start" Button.
4. Typing test will appear. Time will start when you start typing.
5. A mistake done once can not be corrected (i.e. you cannot correct the Word once you hit the space bar).
6. Keep on typing until the time passes or hit the Finish Button.
7. Your Result will be displayed.


Typing Test program will count the number of the correctly typed words and wrong typed word. If you mistype a word, it will be highlighted. Result has three parts 
1. Gross speed(total number of words typed divide by total time of test) 
2. Accuracy (Percentage of Correctly typed word out of  total number of words typed )
3. Net Speed (number of words correctly typed divide by total time of test)

Files and is the main class for running Typing Test as System application and is the main class for running Typing Test as Web pages(Applet).
These classes have the code for Making a window, setting Look and Feel and have two functions startTest() which runs when test starts and endTest() which runs when test end. is the first frame that displays  when application starts.This page contains a List of Test to choose form and a Combo Box to choose time for test. is file that has code for running time test starts. It has three function getTestTime() that gives the total time taken for test and getMin() that gives the minutes of test's time left and getSec() that gives the seconds of test's time left. is the class that has most of the coding. It adds two JTextArea on the frame in which one contains the text from the file and in other JTextArea user will type that text.
This file has the following functions in coding:
fileInput():-  Load text from file to JTextArea.
underliine():- Gets and the next word to be typed and highlight that word in TextArea.
check():- Checks weather the word user type matches with the word which has to be typed.
backSpace():- Allows user to only correct currently typing word(cannot go beyond the space).
result():- Calculate and Show Result.

Download Files Here:


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